Glossary & Translation of Portuguese Real Estate Terms

Portuguese TermEnglish equivalent
T1, T2, V4, etc 'T' is usually used for an apartment, 'V' for a house or villa. The number indicates the number of bedrooms (e.g. T2 = 2 bedroom apartment; V4 = 4 bedroom house)
sala de estar living room
sala de jantar dining room
cozinha kitchen
quarto bedroom
jardim garden or yard
casa-de-banho bathroom
lareira fireplace
aquecimento (central) (central) heating
ar condicionado air conditioning
banheira bathtub
piscina swimming pool
despensa pantry
lavandaria laundry or utility room
escritório office or study
geminada semi-detached or row house
isolada detached house or bungalow
casa / villa / moradia house
apartamento apartment
rés-do-chão ground floor (UK); 1st floor (USA)
1o andar first floor (UK); 2nd floor (USA)
água de rede mains water (from the municipality)
furo borehole
poço well for water
luz electricity (although translates directly as light)
cisterna water tank to hold water
pocilgas pig sheds or other low agricultural-use buildings
armazém warehouse or storage shed