Cookie & Privacy Policy

The Short Version

  • We do not use cookies to track your habits for advertising purposes.
  • We do not use any Flash based cookies or other persistent methods to track your browsing habits even after you leave the site.
  • We do not sell any information to 3rd parties.
  • We do not send unsolicited email or make unsolicited telephone calls.

The Long Version

Understanding Cookies

Your browser communicates with our server as follows. Your browser creates a connection to our server and requests a page to view. Our server acknowledges your request and sends the page to your browser. Your browser displays the page and breaks the connection. Next time you want to view a page, it creates a new connection and repeats the entire process. The problem with this procedure is that we then have no way to know what you requested as you navigate through our site.

Enter the cookie...

Enter the humble cookie. A cookie is a tiny file that our website uses to keep track of your requests while you are connected to our site. The cookies we set contains a few random characters (for example, QW8d3Ef12) that allows us to identify which browser made a request from our database so that we can deliver the requested data back to that browser. This cookie can in no way identify you personally or give us any personal information. Since all our data is stored in a database, without your browser accepting cookies, there is no way for us to display our data to you.

As soon as you close your browser the session cookie is automatically deleted. We also use cookies to remember your search preferences when you search for properties as well as site preferences. If you allow persistent cookies (cookies that are kept even after your browser closes) then we can provide this functionality. If not, you can still use our site but you will have to re-enter your preferences each time.

A cookie is not a program (or app) and does not run or do anything on your computer. A cookie can not read other data off your hard drive or read cookie files created by other sites.

Implicit Cookie Usage Agreement

By using this site you are implicitly agreeing to our site using cookies in the manner described above.

Why no annoying cookie-warning-sliding-message thingy?

We think No Cookie Law conveys our feelings on this matter succinctly.